For the environment

Energy concepts and environmental protection

We have been investing in the sustainability of the Kurfürsten Resort for some time. With the enormous hotel extensions over the past 10 years, the latest technologies for the careful use of natural resources have always been chosen.


Most recently, we started a renovation campaign in the area of ​​the existing combined heat and power plants (CHP). We currently operate 4 CHP units with a total electrical output of 65 KW. These CHPs are distributed throughout the hotel complex. Networking of electrical and thermal energy was necessary in order to bundle the optimal performance of all CHPs. So all CHPs were connected to each other so that a modulating energy distribution can take place here. The resources are optimally used through buffer storage in the thermal area and energy supply in the electrical area.


Memberships, sustainable tourism
We are also a member of GREEN PEARLS an association of sustainably managed hotels. Here is the philosophy of the Green-Pearls houses; “Travel without regrets and without renouncing” Sustainable development means “meeting the needs of the present without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Almost everyone separates rubbish, pays attention to sustainable construction when building a house, tries To conserve resources. So why not act sustainably while on vacation? 


We are all responsible for the protection of our environment and we owe consideration, esteem and respect for the cultures of the individual countries. Simply make a conscious decision in favor of destinations and hotels with ecological and socio-economic obligations. The best thing about it? You don't have to do without anything - because Green Pearls® Unique Places shows that sustainable tourism and high standards are compatible. With the choice of a Green Pearls® member hotel you decide to support the green way of the hotels. 


Green Pearls® Unique Places transparently shows individual approaches to sustainability and offers the traveler a combination of high standards, hospitality, ecological awareness and the invitation to take part in projects. Sustainable tourism is possible anywhere in the world, which is why we are presenting you with examples of particularly interesting countries.

Environmental Protection
But not only an environmentally friendly use of energy is important to us, which is why we were looking for a partner who is also committed to environmental protection as a whole.
We found what we were looking for at VIABONO, an organization that has thought about environmental protection especially for the hotel and hospitality industry.

In Viabono we have found a partner who regularly provides new input and also controls the standards of the participating companies.
Each company is trained and checked on the subject of environmentally friendly measures. Environmental protection can be so easy in this regard. Here are some examples that help us to reduce CO2 emissions.

- only regional mineral water
- for the most part products from the region
– Reduce water consumption in relation to the number of overnight stays through innovative technology
- if possible organic products to reduce pollutant emissions
- Waste management, from separation to return
– Reduction in the dispatch of brochures and thus reduction in print runs by sending PDFs instead of printed brochures
and many more…

Corporate philosophy, Viabono
Viabono is the certificate for environment-, climate- AND guest-oriented tourism in Germany. Viabono stands for reliable, contemporary quality, intensive, enjoyable experiences, combined with the feeling of traveling better because it is environmentally-oriented, climate-friendly and socially acceptable. 

The idea of ​​sustainable tourism is anchored in our corporate philosophy. We have a responsibility to our fellow human beings, the environment and future generations and have set ourselves the goal of harmonizing economic, ecological and social quality.

Our goals
We will continue to reduce CO2 emissions in the future as a result of our actions.

On Our Own Behalf

We all have a dream

... Our dream is about the satisfied guest and actually that's not true at all, because satisfied means that you get what you expect. In the hope that we will fulfill that anyway, our dream is about the enthusiastic guest. Everything we do, where we invest and how much depends on how we can inspire our guests.

We derive this from the many comments, ratings and conversations with our guests and implement our guests' wishes promptly as far as we can. This course of action is also part of our mission statement. We look forward to you contributing to the enthusiasm and telling us your wishes.


We all see ourselves as a team of hosts. If you have a question or a suggestion, we look forward to speaking directly to you. We always have an ear for you and are happy to receive any comments. Whether you reply to inquiries at reception or to our "satisfaction e-mail" sent after your stay.

We look forward to talking to you. Check in with us as a guest and check out again as a friend / fan. It's nice if we can do the same with YOU.


Our mission statement accompanies my employees and me, Heiner Buckermann, from the beginning with partly pronounced verbal images.

So also the name of the hotel, which has changed several times over the years. This has brought with it the little time in which our hotel has developed from a guesthouse to one of the leading Wellness hotels has developed. A time in which the goal was never lost sight of. Based on this goal, our mission statement is explained, sustainably the wishes of the guests on the subject LifeStyleSpa and TCM meet and get excited about this. The permanent product development through, for example, our guest survey, plays a major role.

Our brand also has a clear visual component, which is expressed in its own architecture and interior style. We have called this style “retro-chic-stylish” ourselves.

Your Heiner Buckermann