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With our Black VIP card, you can enjoy special services such as free hotel bike hire, e-bike hire for only EUR 25 per e-bike and day, DVD hire at half price. You also benefit from early booking discounts, fruit platters in the room, an additional welcome cocktail and much more.

The Black Vip Card is available in the hotel for a one-time fee of 15,00 euros.
Simply speak to our reception staff.

The advantages of our BlackVIP guest card:

  1. Early bird discount: If you book 8 weeks in advance, you will receive an early bird discount of 5% on the package price.
  2. You will receive one upon arrival fruit plate in the room and one Voucher for a welcome cocktail in the lobby bar.
  3. You can for free Hotel bicycles borrow and also reserve.
  4. During your stay you can DVD's borrow at half the price.
  5. For every 1 euro you spend You will receive 1 point on your BlackVIP guest card when you pay the invoice.
  6. For every guest who, because of your product new to us, you will receive 500 points extra.

Unfortunately, the points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Please give us your BlackVIP card number when making a reservation and present your card on departure. We will then immediately credit the points and are happy to redeem the points we have collected.

When purchasing our wellness and cosmetic products, we charge 50 points for 1 euro. (1 € = 50 points)

You can find more information in our wellness area.

If you buy one of our TCM products, you will be credited with 60 points for every euro you spend. (1 €= 60 points) These great teas could be your bonus... Qi tea promotes general well-being, Jing tea revitalizes and strengthens the body , Shen tea is used to reduce nervousness and tension, Meishan herbal tea stimulates the metabolism and detox tea detoxifies the body

An umbrella from the LifeStyle Resort to the Elector.

Upon arrival you will receive a bottle of Prosecco in your room.

for relaxation and a simultaneous increase in energy duration approx. 20 minutes for 1450 points

It focuses on one of the following three main areas: the head area, particularly suitable for relaxation in the event of overexertion and stress, the neck and shoulder area, particularly suitable for headaches and energy blockages, arising in the back, the legs and abdomen, particularly suitable for digestive problems and cold feet. Duration approx. 20 minutes

This massage is a gentle wellness massage with aromatic oil. The most important meridians are gently stimulated and activated. Duration approx. 30 minutes

Activating the meridians on the head and face improves blood circulation in the head. At the same time, the application has a calming effect on body, mind and soul. Stress is reduced, blockages are released and the flow of energy is stimulated. Duration approx. 30 minutes

This massage ensures a harmonious flow of energy. By gently stroking the meridians, light stretching and pressure stimuli on the skin, in combination with valuable aromatic oil, we relieve tension, stress and tiredness. Duration approx. 40 minutes

Indication: all illnesses and complaints, health check also for healthy people
This form of diagnosis is essential for individual advice on your holistic health situation after TCM.


Our TCM specialists will give you a completely new perspective on your body and, if necessary, on your illness, in understandable words. The pulses, which the therapist measures with three fingers on each arm, provide information about the energetic state of your organs. Your organs, in turn, are in an energetic relationship with the entire body. An example: if your “kidney pulse” is abnormal, symptoms such as lower back pain, knee pain, urinary tract infections, menstrual problems or the unfulfilled desire to have children can be the result of inharmonious kidney energy. The tongue also shows, through its texture, its coating and its color, what it "looks like in you". Certain areas on the tongue body represent the organs. Here is an example: the red edges of the tongue can mean that the liver is “hot”, a result of stress, perhaps poor nutrition, etc. The symptoms could then show up in dizziness, migraines or fits of anger.


The pulse, tongue and meridian diagnosis is particularly helpful for people who suffer from a chronic illness and would like to experience holistic therapy based on TCM. Diseases and complaints such as sleep disorders, neurodermatitis, chronic disorders in the digestive tract such as Crohn's disease, colitis, depression, burn-out, exhaustion, chron. Headaches, urinary tract infections, chronic fatigue, menstrual problems, gynecological diseases, tumor diseases, as well as side effects of chemotherapy or its follow-up treatment and much more can be assessed in a complex manner.


Once the diagnosis has been made, you have the opportunity to begin treatment in our house: acupuncture, Tuina massage, moxibustion, medicinal baths, foot reflexology, Guasha massage and perhaps a change in diet are the first steps.
The examination is carried out exclusively via the pulse and tongue.


Duration of one unit: approx. 30 min.

for at home to enjoy afterwards

On a mental and spiritual level, it leads to deep letting go and relaxation by removing energetic blockages. You will feel fresh, rested and relaxed afterwards. Duration approx. 60 minutes

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