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News and information about the situation in the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten

+++ Energy 2024

Dear Guests,
the issue of energy will also have us firmly in its grip in 2023. Unfortunately, the increased gas and electricity prices also have to be taken into account in our price calculations. In 2023 we will obtain our energy from the European electricity exchange. In order to work out the fairest and most transparent pricing possible for our guests, we have decided on an energy flat rate, which we adapt to the respective price fluctuations on the stock exchange. Since we cannot price fluctuations in price on the stock exchange in the long term in advance, the calculations are made monthly on the basis of existing advance calculations by our stock exchange partners and shown as a flat rate in addition to the offer. This flat rate is currently between € 2.- and € 3.- per person. and day.
+++ Corona update from November 04.03.2022, XNUMX

in Rhineland-Palatinate, all measures, obligations and restrictions related to the pandemic have been completely lifted.

A general Mask requirement There is no longer. This means that wearing a medical mask or an FFP2 mask is no longer mandatory in our house. If you feel more comfortable with it, then feel free to wear your mask. Our employees will continue to wear masks for the time being.  


Flex bookings
If you have made a flex booking with us, your booking can be canceled up to one day before arrival.

If you have booked an offer rate with us, then you have paid for your stay with us in advance. Guests who have already paid for their stay with us will receive a voucher from us for the amount paid. You can redeem this voucher with us at any available period Changes to bookings with a voucher are not a problem, you can change your rebooking in all variants without generating a disadvantage


  • We serve you an extended breakfast buffet until 12 noon, so we guarantee enough time for your relaxed breakfast.
    We serve an afternoon snack in the Cook & Style Restaurant between 14:00 p.m. and 16:00 p.m. for all guests who have booked the 3/4 board
  • From 18:00 p.m. we will serve you a daily changing 4-course menu with different courses to choose from.


    • Our glow bar is available from 14 p.m. As usual, we will serve you your drink or cocktail of your choice at the table.

We are now offering a flex rate and an offer rate. With the Flex-Rate you have the possibility to cancel at short notice up to 24 hours before departure.


With the offer rate you enjoy the lower price and have to pay the travel price in full 14 days before the trip.
You are welcome to take out a travel cancellation insurance of your choice with this package as well.
Should the state government expect further restrictions or closings, they enjoy full protection. 
In this case, you do not have to cancel your trip. The trip would be canceled due to force majeure.


To protect all guests and employees in our house, we cannot welcome guests with cold symptoms.
We therefore ask you not to come even if you have the slightest sign of a cold. We have adjusted our cancellation conditions accordingly so that you can rebook or cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival using the corresponding flex rate.

Hygiene concept for the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten

The implementation of the legal requirements can be guaranteed, taking into account the small impairment of your stay. In any case, the hotel industry is subject to numerous occupational and food hygiene requirements. The sneeze label is the everyday standard of cleanliness and hygiene for hotel employees.


For your stay as carefree as possible, we have developed a hygiene concept that we would like to present to you here.
If you have any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
A perfectly cleaned room is the top priority so that you feel completely at ease and are as well protected as possible:
Our rooms are cleaned in accordance with HACCP guidelines.

Additional security for our guests

In addition to the legally regulated and required measures, we have taken other measures to make your stay with us as safe as possible.
For example, in the restaurant areas, in addition to the ventilation system that works with a high proportion of fresh air, we use so-called air washers from Venti.
These air washers clean the air and provide additional safety. https://www.venta-air.com One of the recommendations that we have taken up on this.
Our employees are tested with CE / IVD certified COVID-19 tests. This happens in regular rotation.

In the whole house we use the steamers from Jiffy to kill viruses. With these devices we can, for example, sterilize sofas and decorative pillows after each departure, but surfaces that are difficult to access can also be reached and thus sterilized.

In addition, an intensive cleaning is carried out before your arrival and all hard surfaces are disinfected (tables, armrests, door handles, etc.)

Our Heinz- und Horn laundry is cleaned according to the latest HACCP standards and always washed at over 60 degrees and additionally with an antiviral, bleach-containing agent.

Our employees are regularly instructed in the hygiene guidelines.

Disinfection stations are available for you and for our employees at central points in the company. We ask all our guests to thoroughly disinfect their hands when entering the hotel, the restaurant and the wellness area.

Please keep your distance to guests outside your household on your own. Mutual mindfulness helps protect everyone.

The Operation of our restaurants may be carried out in compliance with the specifications - please understand that our processes have to be adapted to current conditions at short notice.

Our restaurant and outdoor areas have been rearranged and expanded so that the tables are at least 1,5 m apart. The chairs were marked on the floor so that you are always in the safe area if you follow the markings. Our restaurant areas are constantly supplied with fresh air by our ventilation system, so that there is a constant exchange of air even in bad weather. Due to the situation, these systems run under high loads to ensure the greatest possible exchange of air.

Furthermore, we ask our guests to plan a maximum of 2 hours for the evening menu.

The Table linen is changed after each guest or the table top is disinfected.
Dishes & glasses are washed hygienically in professional dishwashers at over 60 degrees.

Our polishing machine enables contactless cleaning of the cutlery.

If there are large numbers of guests, we must ask you to come to dinner at previously agreed times. You will then receive these times from us when you check in.

We would like to ask our guests to take their assigned table. If you want to change the table, you can of course do so in consultation with our reservation team at the reception.
Unfortunately, this is not possible in the evening itself, as the times and distances between the tables have been set accordingly.

In our glowbar sit at tables that are already measured with the intended minimum distance. Of course, our hygiene guidelines also apply here.

Our  Breakfast and afternoon buffets is indicated accordingly with distance markings and directions. The minimum distances are thus observed. All rugs are changed every hour and cleaned at 60 degrees.
By clearly identifying the products on offer, we reduce the length of stay at the buffet and prevent queues. Anyone who wants to use the disposable gloves at the buffet.
Please remember that the mask must be worn when going to the buffet. We thank you for your understanding.

Wellness treatments may be offered.

Cosmetic and wellness applications are possible under strict hygiene guidelines. Outdoor sports courses can be booked
All cabins are ventilated before use and the contact points are disinfected. The guest and the practitioner disinfect their hands before each use.

Corona hygiene regulation, wellness / sauna, Rhineland Palatinate

Corona hygiene regulation, swimming pool / sauna, Rhineland Palatinate

Our employees stay at home if there are signs of illness!

The distances between loungers and armchairs in the lounge areas have been increased to 1,5 m.
Double loungers or loungers standing next to each other are available for couples. Please do NOT move the loungers.

The team at the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten is always available to answer your questions. Please contact the reception team or during your stay info@zum-kurfuersten.de
We wish you a pleasant and carefree stay