Traditional Chinese Medicine

The approach of the in-house TCM by KURFÜRST

As you have already read, TCM as a holistic medicine is made up of various components: acupuncture, moxibustion (targeted heat treatment with mugwort), cupping, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, diet change, herbal therapy and well-founded advice on a healthy lifestyle.


The idea of ​​TCM by KURFÜRST consists in the merging, further development and implementation of the many treatment strategies of TCM:

  • Merging of the therapy options under one roof, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Recreation, fresh air, a targeted diet according to the guidelines of TCM, physical exercise, detoxification and purification, well-being through cosmetic treatments and the medical repertoire offer the demands of TCM by KURFÜRST.
  • Bringing together the most successful acupuncture and treatment strategies from China and other countries and developing the most promising strategy for the patient to be treated. The concept therefore does not provide for an ossified textbook treatment strategy. Rather, the therapy is made up of the high-quality different experiences and training of the TCM therapists. The TCM by KURFÜRST team puts together a treatment strategy aimed at maximum therapeutic success for the patient.
  • Even with a short stay at the LifeStyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten, important therapeutic impulses can be set. The treatment strategy is based on the fact that the guest / patient can take advice and therapeutic measures home with them: ear acupuncture permanent balls stay on the ear for up to 5 days and are designed for a long-term effect. Chinese herbal medicine can be continued at home without time restrictions, depending on the symptoms. Qi Gong exercises can also be practiced comfortably in a home atmosphere, etc.
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