Aroma therapy

Essential oils, which are tailored to your treatment, turn an already relaxing bath into a wellness event for body and soul. Sink into soothing scents, collect new life energy and above all: let yourself be pampered all around.

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Aroma steam bath and tepidarium (40C ° - 50C °) (No. 10)

The steam bath has a temperature of 40 - 50 degrees and a humidity of 100% (saturated air).

Ideal conditions for physical regeneration.

The cold water hose is primarily intended for hosing down the seat, but can also be used in the Kneipp manner to activate the circulation.

You can call up the steam supply individually, as the steam bath is combined with a tepidarium (constant heat without humidity). Please press the blue button on the left of the entrance. After about 1 minute, steam flavored with lime comes out of the green peel.

Steam makes your laundry smooth, why should it be any different with your skin?

Even the Greeks and Romans loved regular bathing in warm, humid air. It is precisely in the hot and humid steam bath climate that sweat flows the least. It is precisely there that you think you sweat the most. 8-16 g sweat per minute.

The explanation is simple. What runs off your body in the steam cabin is mostly water: condensate from the surrounding steam, which is deposited on the relatively cool surface of the body. As soon as you enter the steam bath, you will be enveloped in thick clouds of mist that are reflected as small rivulets on the tile walls.

A hot drop from above has the same effect. The same thing happens on your skin. So you can assume that it is not sweat. Rather, it is pure water vapor that condenses on the surface of the skin, releasing heat in the process.

The steam bath is recommended at the beginning of a sauna session and steam frees you from the inside: inhale the fine steam deeply. Your airways are moistened, the steam has an expectorant effect and helps with colds, coughs, hoarseness, hay fever, bronchitis and chronic inflammations of the nasal, sinus, maxillary and frontal sinuses. This effect can be intensified with scented essences. Every square centimeter of your skin has 100 pores. Steam baths detoxify and cleanse.

The steam bath also provides relief for diseases of the respiratory tract and rheumatic complaints. So that you not only feel beautiful, but also beautifully healthy. The moist heat increases the elasticity of connective tissue and muscles. It has a pain-relieving and cramping effect on tense and cramped muscles. Even mild rheumatic diseases are alleviated and joint and muscle mobility is increased. The high humidity ensures an extremely relaxing climate. The airways are cleaned and the circulation stimulated, the skin becomes supple and soft. The ideal length of time in the steam bath is 10 to 15 minutes.

The room is heated by the supply of steam. The organism is hardened. Ideal for circulation and constitution. An ideal remedy for weather sensitivity. Steam relaxes, massages body and soul. You will feel how the warm, humid climate relaxes your psyche and relieves pent-up aggression. You will feel safe and pampered in the steaming warmth.

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