BABOR High Skin Refiner Deep Lifting

Consciously experiencing every moment, like a contagious laugh. To be one with yourself means to feel more comfortable and more beautiful in your skin. And that is exactly why men and women can now do more than you previously thought.

The revolutionary active ingredient complex HSR Telovitin reduces all existing or future signs of aging with exceptional results. The skin cells stay young longer and the skin aging process is slowed down. Wrinkles and lines are smoothed out and the complexion becomes more even. The loss of elasticity and resilience is counteracted. The skin structure is refined, enlarged pores are visibly reduced again. A dull and tired complexion and pigment spots are a thing of the past. Reddening of the skin disappears and the skin's moisture content is improved.
How do we do that for you?
The Telovitin Complex combats skin aging in its origin, cell vitality.
Fibroblasts are important for the production of collagen and elastin, which is the strength of connective tissue
of our skin.
If the cell vitality of the fibroblasts dwindles, there is less supportive and firming collagen and elastin
educated. The network loses density and strength. The consequences are sagging of the skin and loss of the
youthful skin tension. As a result, the connective tissue papillae, which are responsible for optimal interlocking, flatten
of dermis and epidermis. The epidermis is no longer optimal with nutrients and oxygen
provided. The basement membrane, the germinal layer of all cells in the epidermis, is also
formed by fibroblasts. If the vitality of this decreases, there is less collagen IV (network-forming)
and laminin (for the cohesion of tissue and the formation of nerve fibers).
As a result, the metabolic processes in the corneocytes slow down, the division of
intact and vital skin cells are no longer 100%. All of the above signs of aging
make themselves noticeable.
The aim of the High Skin Refiner Deep Lifting and the products used is to increase and preserve
of vitality and lifespan of all skin cells.
The HSR Telovitin Complex of this anti-wrinkle treatment keeps the cells vital longer, they age later and also die later.
This is achieved by stabilizing the telomeres, the end caps of the chromosomes.
During the normal aging process, the telomeres shorten with each cell division, until sometime
nothing is left and the cells die. This slows down the formation of new cells and
thus the regeneration of the skin.
The HSR Telovitin Complex of this anti-aging treatment stabilizes the telomeres, causing cell division and duplication
the DNA strands are longer possible. Cells and tissues live longer and are vital longer. All metabolic processes and cell functions are increased and rejuvenated. The supply of the epidermis has been perfected. The skin is rejuvenated overall.
The HSR Telovitin Complex used in this anti-wrinkle treatment and in the products is also a highly effective radical scavenger.
Oxidative stress (free radicals) is reduced. The cell and tissue quality is thus kept in good condition for longer.
For visibly youthful skin for a long time.
Reserve BABOR High Skin Refiner Deep Lifting exclusively for you.

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