BABOR Khanya Energy

A journey to the cradle of mankind. Science knows that modern man arose in what is now East Africa. The way of life there is one of the oldest forms of human life and thus made it possible to survive in the Kalahari desert. The ancestral knowledge of rites, tradition and healing knowledge still exists there today. For the first time, this was implemented in a wonderful wellness treatment. A mysterious, mystical journey to mother earth.

Light a light! Even before our era, the moon phases were a point of reference to define days, weeks and months. The very narrow crescent moon not only represented the beginning of a new month, but was also a symbol for the new beginning. The name Khanya means something like to let the light shine. The moon is gaining weight again and embodies power and energy through its light. Just as the full moon shines, the BABOR Khanya Energy Balance wellness offer brings body energy to flow, harmonizes it and awakens it anew.

The vitality and wellness hotel works with three basic elements as part of the BABOR Khanya wellness treatment. The closeness to nature is achieved through earth stones like lava stones, sparkling crystals like calcite  and Rose quartz brought into harmony with the life energies. Maracas refer to original dance rituals that offered protection from illness and evil spirits. With this wellness offer we pay respect to the exotic and mystic with the color white, which stands for purity, peace, success, luck and wealth, and is applied to the body in serpentine lines and circles as symbols for renewal and perfection.

The face mask is applied in a symbolism of strength and endurance. We reflect the purity and authenticity of the cradle of mankind in this wellness treatment using the purest sea salt. It is used as a cleansing and clarifying element in this wellness offer and thus reminds of its importance for maintaining health and well-being. The naturalness is also evident in the ingredients of this wellness treatment. Marula oil repairs the skin's own barrier function, makes free radicals harmless, keeps the skin healthy, provides intensive moisture, is optimally absorbed by the skin and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. The marula oil used is obtained as part of a fair trade project. Tea bush extracts energize the natural cell functions of the skin and leave behind a clearly revitalized, youthfully fresh complexion.

The skin's own protective system is supported by a large number of natural antioxidants it contains. Tea bush extract acts as a natural thirst quencher and provides the skin with intensive and long-lasting moisture. Arganyl protects the collagen fibers from enzymatic degradation. Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin, has a calming effect and supports the recovery process. Panthenol promotes the recovery process. Wild mango wax and shea butter compensate for weaknesses in the skin's protective barrier and maintain its suppleness. Vitamin E is used as protection against radicals.

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