BABOR Sea Creation

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. One might think that Albert Einstein already had an insight into the secrets of the deep sea. Our secret: We give you 5 years for free in just 6 months.

Water is life, life is beauty.

The ocean - cradle of all life. To this day, secrets lie dormant in great depths that fascinate scientists and laypeople alike. The enormous pressure and complete darkness make all forays into these spheres an adventurous undertaking.

BABOR has succeeded in unlocking one of its greatest secrets to date from the deep sea: a highly potent beauty ingredient that revolutionizes everything that has been developed in anti-aging research to date. An intelligent, thermoactive cell protection, the unique texture of which visibly rejuvenates your skin and keeps it young in the long term. With BABOR SeaCreation you have access to perhaps the most refined natural beauty mechanism of action that evolution has so far produced: the BABOR thermophilus.

Never before have the skin's antioxidant processes been optimized so profoundly, and its cell-regenerative functions promoted so sustainably. This cellular intelligence leaves stress and free radicals no chance. Together with other high-quality beauty extracts from the sea - precious pearl protein and fine sea silk - the BABOR SEA-TELLIGENT COMPLEX is created. An exquisite composition with which you are always sure of your beauty.

The BABOR SeaCreation treatment in the Vital and Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten offers you the experience with a unique Tigris shell massage.
The power of these active ingredients has been scientifically tested. The power of BABOR thermophilus is impressively demonstrated by the astonishing resistance of the microorganisms in the Guayma Bay. The most adverse conditions prevail in the volcanic crevasses of the Guaymas Bay deep in the Pacific: geothermal heat heats the water up to 72Â ° C, while a pressure of 2 bar weighs heavily on everything. Yet organisms exist there. True survivors who have adapted to the hostile environment with consummate microbiological finesse. Your cells are protected by an energetic, antioxidant power. And BABOR makes use of this power.
A studio that has extensively tested the effect of BABOT thermophilus on human skin shows how enormous the cosmetic potential of the marine active ingredient is.
This is a cosmetic double-blind study: some of the test persons received creams with BABOR thermophilus, while the other part only received placebos. No test person knew about the allocation in order to guarantee that the results were not adulterated.
the subjects applied the creams twice a day. During the entire duration of the study, all participants were exposed to particular climatic stress conditions. In this way, the preventive effect against visible skin aging was effectively tested.
In the test persons who used placebos, accelerated skin aging was found due to exposure to environmental influences and solar radiation. In contrast, the skin of the test subjects, who were valued by BABOR thermophilus, demonstrated an almost sensational resistance to signs of light-induced skin aging. In addition, a significant decrease in age spots, wrinkles and blemishes was found.
The moment you decide for a BABOR SeaCreation treatment in the Vital and Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten, you enter a world of paradisiacal originality and beauty. With every step of this extensive beauty treatment you will feel how fresh energy and new youthfulness pulsate through your skin. On the one hand, the exquisite products from BABOR SeaCreation are used during the treatment. On the other hand, you have an unforgettable, luxurious wellness experience: the extensive massage and energization with the Tigris shell.
Let yourself go completely, enjoy a time of relaxation and experience stunning results.

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