Bring body, mind and soul into harmony…. Awaken forces…. be pampered…. feel yourself again….

How does it work more harmoniously and nicely than with a relaxing bath?

Choose from the following natural herbs, oils and salts (for each of the balneotherapy programs):

Nettle leaves “detoxifying, draining; Chamomile flowers "anti-inflammatory, calming

Lavender flowers “calming, balancing, disinfecting; Orange blossoms “harmonizing, invigorating

Rose petals “harmonize, balance, mood-enhancing; Horse chestnut fruits “stimulate blood circulation, astringent

Thyme Spanish "for catarrh of the respiratory tract; Salt-oil bath “detoxifying, firming, nourishing

Alkaline-mineral bath "detoxifying, deacidifying, stimulating the metabolism"; Goat milk bath - nourishing

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