Chinese full body massage

Full body massages are beneficial and wonderfully relaxing for body, skin and soul. TCM massages also take into account the meridians and their importance in Chinese medicine and should help to activate the self-healing powers.

They serve to bring the possibly accumulated life energy in the body back into the flow, to overcome blockages and to help the whole organism to function optimally.

Accumulated energy can lead to physical and mental illnesses, while an unhindered flow of energy has a positive effect on body and mind - try out how comfortable you feel after a full-body massage in our wellness hotel, you will be amazed how good it is:

The Chinese full body massage with herbal oil is a wellness massage that gives you inner peace, relaxation and wellbeing.

In our wellness hotel we also offer you the Tuina full body massage

Tuina is a cornerstone of TCM therapy and even older than acupuncture.

The Chinese word Tuina means "push and grip" and describes a form of treatment that combines massage techniques and manual therapy practices. Tuina uses various massage and grip techniques to make the channels permeable, to regulate the flow of Qi and Xue and to coordinate the individual functional groups with one another.

Shiatsu, a form of treatment that emerged in the 20th century, is mainly based on the Tuina treatment. A previous pulse, tongue and meridian diagnosis is necessary.

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