Fitness or fitless?

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM specialists see fitness mainly under the aspect of endurance. Without weight training. Because too much one-sided muscle tension can cause blockages and joint problems. Basically, traditional Chinese medicine does not know any sport with equipment. However, it is important for Westerners to balance themselves in harmonious gymnastic exercises. And that regularly every day.

Of course, it would be best Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Herbal hikes with breathing exercises and a visit to native plants are ideal, for example all in one Herb garden, which is located directly on the Kueser Plateau near the wellness hotel. This also strengthens that directly Yin of the body.. Many people are deficient in yin because life is dominated by yang. Just as a consideration. The aim of traditional Chinese medicine is a free flow of energy. This also means free joint mobility.

However, many fitness machines, especially strength machines, work with limited joint mobility. Free hip joints, for example, are important for the flow of meridians in the lower body area. The fitness equipment such as steppers, sky walkers and treadmills in the fitness area of ​​the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten are ideally suited for this. The Qi flow of the legs is optimally regulated as long as the devices are not used beyond the physical limits. The Qi balances out minimal blockages and tensions in the external and internal flow of energy, the Yin is strengthened.

Bicycles are gentle on the hip joints, but the correct height setting is important there! Otherwise there will be congestion symptoms in the yin area, ie constrictions in the groin area. It is also important that sporting activities are restricted to the Yang area of ​​the day, from 6 a.m. to 18 p.m. in the evening. Because the rest of the time is assigned to the Yin. And then the body should come to rest.

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