You probably know the foot massage in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) under the term "foot reflex zone massage", one of the classic healing treatments that can only be carried out by a naturopath or doctor in our wellness hotel.

In China the feet are called a »root of life energy«, because traditional Chinese medicine knows six important life meridians that all begin in the foot and end there again.

The Chinese-style foot massage is a pure wellness application - let yourself be pampered while the meridians are only slightly stimulated.

The head and face massages that we perform in our Medical Wellness Hotel are also wonderfully relaxing.

A gentle activation of the acupressure points on the head and face, improved blood circulation in the head, stress and blockages are reduced and the metabolism is accelerated and it also feels very pleasant to have the scalp gently massaged.

Pleasant side effect: good mood and an improved complexion with regular use.

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