Herbal bath

Chinese herbs:
General effects:
There are more than a thousand different Chinese herbs. The herbs used in our house are all provided with test certificates in accordance with § 6 and 11 of the pharmacy operating regulations.
We differentiate the herbs according to the following effects:
1. Regulating Qi
2. Dissolving blood congestion
3. Dissolving superficial negative energy
4. Dissipating wind and moisture
5. Achieving internal warming
6. Building up Qi
7. Building up blood
8. Building up Yang
9. Building up Yin
10. Dissipating heat

In our mixtures for wellness herbal and foot baths 3 mixtures were created:

1. Herbal liver bath against restlessness, excitement and sleep disorders. Relieves stress and calms the soul and spirit
2. Herbal skin bath against various skin diseases and allergic reactions of the skin
3. Herbal joints bath against rheumatic complaints as well as osteoarthritis and back and shoulder tension

The individual components of the herbal mixtures are not disclosed, as the knowledge of our team of doctors serves as the basis and to prevent any other doctor from mixing them again.

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