Hot stone massages

Massaging with stones? That sounds uncomfortable, but the relaxing opposite is the case: The heated, smooth soapstones are used very gently in combination with a wonderfully fragrant herbal oil to pleasantly heat every zone of your body. This promotes blood circulation, you relax deeply all around and just feel good all around.

In hot stone therapy, volcanic lava stones are used, which are hot up to 40 degrees and rubbed with oil. The beautiful smooth stones have the ability to store heat for a long time once they have been accepted. You put them on the most important energy points. The wellness treatment itself is then a mixture of thermotherapy and massage.

In our wellness hotel we also offer you a hot stone facial treatment called "Midsummer Night's Dream": The focus of this treatment is a massage with warm basalt and precious stones and nourishing oils. A special repair care product with cell-activating substances makes your skin velvety smooth.

Ask us after this special wellness experience, we will be happy to advise you.

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