Lymph stimulant for the face

Your face is cleansed, peeled and then given an active ingredient concentrate. The subsequent suction cup massage and draining handles lead to targeted decongestion of the tissue. Then relax with a mask and a neck wrap under a warming amaranth pad. At the end you will receive a foot wrap and a short foot massage.
With this method of cupping, dark circles under the eyes usually disappear. Your skin will be rosy and well supplied with blood. The skin's moisture, the turgor, is improved by products with aloe vera, organic hyaluron and peach kernel oil. We train your skin's elasticity, the tone, with a special massage.
Skin conditions with atrophy, ie cell reduction and loss of size of cells, especially age-related, due to smoking, with a disorder of the skin metabolism. Decreased blood flow, e.g. B. in smokers is already significantly improved with a beauty application of this type. Prior consultation with our beauty team would be required in the following circumstances: fresh scars, skin with a high blood supply, rosacea, vascular fragility, regular medication such as isotretionoin-Roacutane, Marcumar, aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Look come in in our lymph stimulant face wake up,
a wellness application and beauty application with an immediate effect of a special kind.

Reserve your lamph stimulant now as part of your hotel stay or the application alone as a day guest.

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