Make Up

What make-up do I need to feel comfortable in my skin, enjoy the moment in life, have more charisma and bring out my personality better.
Feel and enjoy the attractiveness every day. This is in every woman well into old age. The most important thing is the individuality of every woman. Of course
until glamorous, every woman is beautiful!
Make-up is not about rigid rules, but much more about the possibilities that each type offers to underline their individual beauty. This requires
just a few simple steps, a little color feel, the right products
and a positive charisma.
Find your personal BABOR MAKE UP too, because care and beauty are yours
Support your customers with tips and tricks for type-appropriate make-up and
let's dive into the world of colors together.
Naturalness and freshness for the day
dazzling effects for the evening
"Without color, subtle and professional"
Play of colors with the seasons
rosy and cheerful when it has to be quick
There are different brushes in different lengths and materials. Man
should always attach great importance to good quality, because only the right hand tools
enables an optimal result when applying.
"Must have":
• Powder brush
• Blusher brush
• Eyebrow brush or eyebrow brush
• Eyeshadow brush (ideally 2: one flat and one round)
• Eyeliner brush
• Lip brush
• Eyelash spiral or eyelash comb
• applicators
• sponges
• Powder puff
• Possibly make-up brushes
• Face charts
The equipment of the make-up area also includes: A mirror, tweezers, alcohol,
Kleenex, cotton pads and cotton swabs.
Of course, everything starts with the skin-specific cleansing and make-up base:
The primary colors (basic colors)
• By mixing the primary colors you conjure up new ones
Shades, these are the secondary colors
To be cosmetically a covering or whitening
To achieve an effect, knowledge of color effects is important!
Because to neutralize the color, put the respective one
Complementary color one, this is the color of the opposition.
The skin tone
The skin tone should always be considered when choosing the foundation color.
We differentiate between two different skin tones:
Warm = yellowish, brownish
Cold = reddish, bluish
Determine your own skin tone, then the
Quickly determine your customer's comparison.
People with a warm skin tone:
This skin tone reflects an ivory-colored,
slightly yellowish shimmer again.
Like spring, with a creamy complexion, the skin
tans quickly and, like autumn, pale complexion, often
Freckles, very sensitive to the sun, with one
A tan that can only be guessed at.
People with a cool skin tone:
This skin tone appears more transparent, has a rosy shimmer, small veins are partially visible.
As in summer: a delicate, translucent complexion, with a slight and very slow one
Tanning and like in winter: The skin quickly appears greyish when tanning
you can watch it, very quickly and intensely.

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