Mosel-Kir or Moselkir

The Moselle wine-growing region has many delicacies in stock, which you can also try in our wellness hotel - the Mosel-Kir or Moselkir (Royal) is just one of them. Both the conventional Kir and the Kir Royal mixed drinks based on black currant liqueur are actually the fine crème de cassis. The liqueur is topped up with white wine to suit the taste of the bartender or the ordering guest, the royal version even with a dry sparkling wine. The delicious Mosel-Kir, on the other hand, is a delicious Kir cocktail with liqueur made from the delicious red vineyard peach of our region. The red vineyard peach liqueur can only be found in growing areas - but you don't have to laboriously look for it, we are happy to serve you a Mosel-Kir classic or Royal in ours Hotel Restaurant. Cheers to your wellness and well-being!

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