Nutritional consultation

Did you know that if you eat oranges and kiwis in autumn and winter, they weaken your immune system? That dairy products promote respiratory diseases through mucus?

It makes you wonder, doesn't it? Because the western nutrition theory of the DGE does not differentiate between the individual energy and health status of the person. But at best according to age.

The diet according to the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine sees this in a much more differentiated manner. Many books on the subject of 5-element nutrition have already been published.

However, you can only use these beneficial for your health if you have found out your personal energy status of the functional circuits of your body from a TCM specialist by means of a pulse, tongue, meridian diagnosis. Only then will you know whether you should use cooling, warming, moist, neutral, hot or refreshing foods, herbs and spices for yourself.

A self-diagnosis is not possible, since one cannot generalize Yang and Yin states, but these in turn can be completely different in different organ groups. In addition, the time of year must also be taken into account. The professional TCM specialist will create an individually tailored nutrition plan and discuss it with you. The basic rules of proper nutrition include balance, the right amount and the right temperature. Every guest of the Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten receives the guideline Functional Food - Health that you can eat from the nutritional advice service.

In this way, the guest can change his diet in a pleasant way in the wellness hotel. A previous pulse, tongue and meridian diagnosis is necessary.

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