Orthomolecular medicine and diagnostics

For a healthy, smooth functioning of your body you need over 108 vital substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids).

The need for vital substances depends on your diet and lifestyle, your age, your state of health and environmental influences. If you already have an illness, your need for vitamins and minerals can be so increased that a sufficient supply, despite a balanced diet, can only be ensured with additional intake of vital substances.
Orthomolecular medicine is a recognized branch of medicine.
The aim of therapy using this method is:
- to keep the organism healthy preventively with natural substances
- to stay productive with vitamins and minerals
- Use vital substances for healing through medical advice.

Orthomolecular medicine only uses substances that occur naturally in food as well as in the human body. For example minerals and vitamins. However, these vital substances cannot be produced in the body, but must be regularly supplied in sufficient quantities as micronutrients so that people remain healthy and productive.

Orthomolecular medicine combines the knowledge of human genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, cytology and physiology and nutritional science.

Our doctors and non-medical practitioners will help you to determine your gaps in vital substances, to compile your individual needs and to contribute to keeping your body healthy by changing the concentration of vital regulating substances.

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