Sauna tips

Tips for taking a sauna

How does an infusion work? The physical principle is: evaporation cools - precipitation warms!

The effect of the infusion itself is the additional heat stimulus. When the water vapor precipitates on the bather's cool skin, the heat energy that was used when the water evaporated on the hot stove stones is released again. The cooling evaporation of sweat on the skin and the secretion of the respiratory mucous membranes is interrupted by the sudden increase in humidity in the sauna room. This creates the feeling of increased exposure to heat on the skin.

Wave and beat with the sauna towel. The 4 to 8 mm thick adhesive layer “also temperature compensation layer or insulating layer” on the skin is torn away. As a result, there is no longer any reduction in heat transfer to the skin.

1. Please note that the sauna bath is not a precisely regulated bath. The sauna-goer should first and foremost feel good. For example, regular sauna-goers can stay in the cabin longer than recommended, while newcomers may want to leave the cabin sooner. Pay attention to your personal well-being while bathing in the sauna.

2. Bring enough time. A full sauna bath takes about two hours. It is supposed to relax, rushing to “work through” the applications will stress your body rather than relax it. You should also not go to the sauna hungry or on a full stomach.

3. First clean yourself in the shower and then dry yourself well, because dry skin sweats faster. Especially the feet, as otherwise inflammation can easily develop between the toes. A warm footbath before the sauna also promotes sweating.

4. In the sauna, place your towel under your whole body. The stay should be short, but the effect should be intense. Eight to 15 minutes is enough. Above all, rely on your feelings. You should sit up for the last two minutes to get your circulation used to the upright posture.

5. Do not get in the shower or plunge pool right away. First cool off in the fresh air, the body now needs oxygen. Only then pour off with a Kneipp hose or cool down under the flood shower. If you use the plunge pool, remember that you should wash off your sweat beforehand.

6. Repeated cold water applications train the blood vessels particularly intensively and increase the resistance of your body.

7. Following this, a short break is recommended to promote recovery.

8. It is better not to drink anything while you are in the sauna, otherwise the detox effect will largely not be achieved. The use of a solarium, on the other hand, does not interfere with the effectiveness of the sauna. Since the sauna bathing with the many water applications leads to a reduction in the horny layer and thus increases the sensitivity to light, especially in fair-skinned people, the solarium should best be used before going to the sauna.

9. Carry out further saunas like the first, with three saunas in a row being sufficient to achieve the desired health goals. Further sauna sessions no longer lead to an increase in the sauna effects.

10. A sauna bath is particularly useful for physical and mental relaxation. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the sauna and to avoid unfavorable circulatory reactions, you should therefore refrain from sporting activities after the sauna. A massage, on the other hand, can intensify the relaxing effect between sauna sessions or after the sauna.

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