Selfness as knowledge

Are you a selfness type?
Here are the answers:

After the wellness hype, the “new culture of self-change” begins.
In the past few years everything has been wellness. What made sense and what made less sense. Even water became wellness mineral water, bed linen and clothing became wellness.
Everything was actually kind of “wellness”. Unfortunately also to the disadvantage of many who have taken this term seriously.

Wellness & selfness 
Something is growing that has long been known to us, but has a new name.

What is meant is “selfness”. This term points the way to a culture of self-competence. Man and woman experience each other again.
Wellness was and is the desire for security, for closeness, and even for physical contact.
Selfness complements these desires and describes a new form of self-recognition.

It's about the ability to take responsibility for yourself and your body.
For example through regular exercise,
this corresponds to the idea of ​​physical competence.
Living in harmony with one's social environment, also known as “work-life balance”.
Partnership, family, job, environment,
this corresponds to the idea of ​​emotional competence.
Manage life crises and make independent decisions in complex life situations,
this corresponds to the biographical growth competence.
Expansion of horizons into old age, constant learning and participation in natural development processes.
Use the experience gained in this way sensibly,
this corresponds to the maturation competence

So just follow your primal instincts and start with your personal selfness package.
Increase your quality of life through targeted selfness management.
Observe points 1 to 4 and develop your own life motto.
Never forget - the journey is the destination. Live your life according to the selfness principle and gradually increase your quality of life.
If necessary, simplify your life. This also includes self-recognition of what is not good for you.
Such as: smoking, stress at work, stress in a relationship, little exercise, etc.
Do you already see your options?
Get started today!

Answer these 4 questions:
If you can answer yes to 3 questions, you are already a pronounced selfness type.
If you can answer yes to all 4 questions, then you are a selfness guru
Congratulations on this!

1 question: Do you feel like eating a healthy diet or do you like to eat and cook healthy?
2. Question: Do you think that you have achieved everything in your life (professionally and privately)?
3. Question: Do you enjoy exercising and do you do it regularly?
4. Question: Do you have a life motto based on the 4 selfness principles?

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