Skin type or skin condition?

We classify into normal skin, dehydrated skin, dry skin (sebostasis), oily skin (seborrhoe oleosa - oily, greasy and seborrhoe sicca - impure, poor in moisture), aged skin (atrophic skin), light-damaged skin (photoaging), sensitive skin and vascular unstable skin .

Your skin assessment can only be carried out by a professional, because it is diverse and comprehensive.

We grasp in this way: visually, by palpation, asking. Assess the turgor, the activity of the sebum glands, the barrier function, the skin thickness, the reactivity, the skin color and the microcirculation, the tone.

At the same time, we use questions to determine the endogenous and exogenous causes that are or can be causative for your skin and your skin condition.

We do not want to bore you with this, nor do we want to overwhelm you.

Just ask us! We are looking forward to it!

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