Hot Tub

What is a spa and what do you do there? Many guests rightly ask themselves, hearing this expression for a relaxing wellness area for the first time.

Spa, the name comes from the Belgian seaside resort of the same name and basically means: an oasis of relaxation for you. If the wellness hotel of your choice has a spa area, it will hopefully be equipped with a relaxation pool, sauna and pool so that you can relax and unwind from the ground up.

The Wikipedia says on the subject: "Hot Tub  stands for facilities (wellness hotels, beauty farms, etc.) that strive for harmony and harmony of body, mind and soul. "

With us in Wellness hotel to the Elector you can not only use all the luxurious relaxation offers in our wellness area, but also book an exclusive spa suite. Browse through our wellness offers or ask us - we will be happy to advise you.

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