Wellness hotel services:

The little luxury that one likes to indulge in on vacation:

- Daily newspaper of your choice in the room EUR 5,00 per issue
- Notebook service including rental notebook with internet connection in the room
EUR 30,00 each for provision once
plus EUR 10,00 per half hour of use
- Fax service EUR 40,00
- Shoe cleaning service for delivery by 9 a.m., return by 21 p.m. Eur 15,00 per pair
- Sewing service based on effort
- Daily linen change service including sheets on request Eur 15,00 daily
- Tea arrangement in the room
Provision of kettle, tray, glasses EUR 10,00
15 different types of tea in a bag or your choice of tea plus EUR 15,00
- Evening turn-down service incl. Additional towel exchange per evening EUR 15,00
- Additional presentation on the bed, EUR 5,00 per bed
- Choice of pillows, only for use in the hotel as a loan
Allergic pillow approx. 50% cotton / 50% polyester
Neck rolls Eur 8,00
warm cherry stone pillow for the night with a bedtime snack Eur 18,50
- We offer a range of different DVDs for hire. Per DVD EUR 8,00.

We have the following items ready for you at reception:
- Free razors with shaving cream and after shave
- Toothbrush with toothpaste for free
- additional shower cap free of charge
- additional shine cloth for free
- additional sewing kit for free
- Free additional pillow
- additional blanket for free
- Umbrella free to borrow
- Free stationery
- Free envelope
- Postage stamps (for a fee)
- Postcards (for a fee, hotel's own free of charge)
- hiking maps (for a fee)
- Bicycle maps (for a fee)
- bathrobe (€ 5,50, if not in the arrangement)
- bathing shoes (€ 2,80)

Are you still looking for a special souvenir for yourself, your family or friends?
Please note our offers from the Elector Accessoire Shop.

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