Wellness weekend

It is becoming more and more popular to spend a weekend in a wellness hotel. Most wellness hotels offer special wellness weekend programs for this purpose. Such special weekend programs are also offered in the Vital & Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten.

You will find this within our booking engine Wellness offers. Your wellness weekend should, however, be carefully considered. For example, arrange the desired treatments and treatments before your arrival. Since the day of arrival is usually Friday and the day of departure is usually Sunday, there may not be enough time on site to respond to all of your booking requests.

So who one or more Treatments planning for his weekend who will benefit from our home-based booking option. You shouldn't book too many treatments either. After all, the wellness weekend shouldn't become a stressful weekend. At the Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten, the guest receives his treatment list upon arrival. All treatments that the guest has booked can be found on the treatment list. Of course, it is also possible to book one or the other treatment on site. But remember that it can happen, especially on the weekends, that all practitioners and therapists are already busy. To make it easier for you to plan ahead, we have one Booking page set up for you. Simply select and submit.

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