Winter vacation:

The season in which Wellness: the most fun is winter.

The days are short and spending time outdoors is not much fun because you have to pack yourself in thick layers of clothing.

The days are dark, the end of the year is often stressful... During this time you often fall into a state of inertia Depression can trigger.

How nice that we as a wellness hotel can help here. We warmly invite you to the Moselle - our beautiful region will make your winter holiday a relaxing one Wellness experience. No matter whether you would like to book a beauty weekend or a few weeks of relaxation, we will be happy to pamper you.

Leave the winter behind you and get some time for yourself. Simply bring this time with you and we will guarantee you an effective remedy for the “winter frustration”: Wellness on the Moselle in the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten – like this Winter can always be beautiful.

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