Wood stove sauna

As the name suggests, a wood-fired sauna is heated with wood. However, not every alleged wood-fired sauna is heated exclusively with wood. Most supposed wood-fired saunas have an additional electric stove, which is usually hidden under the bench, as well as a wood-burning stove, which can then be found in the visible sauna area. The impression then easily arises that this sauna is heated exclusively with wood. A 100% wood-fired sauna heats exclusively with wood, of which a lot is required. In the wood-fired sauna of the Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten approx. 3-5 kg ​​of wood are burned every hour. On a normal day, that amounts to 55 kg of wood. You also need the staff who fire up the stove with more logs every hour. This is also the reason why many sauna operators decide against a 100% wood-fired sauna.
The question arises, of course, why a 100% wood-burning sauna when the same temperature can also be achieved with an electric sauna heater.
The reason: the room climate, as well as the perceived temperature in a wood-fired sauna, is completely different and much more pleasant than in an electric sauna.
Try it. 1 x wood-burning sauna and you will miss the pleasant climate the next time you visit an electric sauna.

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