Luxembourg City

Luxembourg has a thousand-year history, is today future-oriented and known as an international financial center and seat of important European institutions. The city has a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions.

Picturesque squares, cozy old town streets, magnificent boulevards and spacious parks invite you to stroll.

For example, you can visit the fortress built in 963, see the National Monument of the Luxembourg Solidarity or take a trip to the European Parliament.

You can visit the famous MUDAM Museum or the National Museum of History and Art or try your luck at Casino Luxembourg.

Every art branch is represented here. Numerous sculptures beautify public places, many localities have museums and galleries. Theater, music and the film industry are flourishing. Painters, writers, sculptors and other artists find their inspiration here. Luxembourg therefore offers an extremely active art scene for the size of the country. This multifaceted city offers something interesting for every visitor and can be reached in about 1 hour by car from our hotel.

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